About Dr. Salim Afshar

Dr. Salim Afshar MD, MD

Dr. Salim Afshar is a surgeon, designer and inventor.  Attending some of the worlds finest academic and hospital  institutions,  he is able to integrate his clinical experience with his expertise in design to solve a broad range of challenges in healthcare.

Dr. Afshar is dedicated to advancing the application and design of information technology to advance healthcare globally. As part of his efforts to reduce healthcare disparities, Dr. Afshar brings his expertise in design to advise companies, governments and institutions in product development, strategy, and innovation enabling profitable, economical and scalable products that properly target global health challenges. Within the United States, Dr. Afshar is heavily active in addressing the “digital divide” in healthcare as a thought leader and is a board member of the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. In 2011, Dr. Afshar became a founding member of ClinicalBox, Inc. where he merges his expertise in design, clinical care, coordination, research and technology to solve challenges in healthcare through innovative software.

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